She cries LIVE over lives she has lost
Her sons – Her Future
Now turning to dust.
Worst if by a black man than if by a white
How despicable to kill a comrade
You’re fighting the same fight!

Prejudice still lingers
It’s tense in the air
Bitter on the tip of the tongue.
Hard to swallow
Framed as fair

Used to the bone and then set free
With nothing more than, “Thank you for all the wealth you built for me.”
No means to feed your own
“Don’t be whining boy! Get!
Can’t you see I’m busy – reaping what you done sewn. ”
They expect you to make gold from dirt
“It’s easy – you’re used to work.”

It’s a setup! It’s a setup!
a prison is nothing more than
a trap repurposed for slaves.
“Be happy with your freedom because that’s all you done earned.”
What forces a man to a life of crime
Gangsters glorified by their means to provide
Evolved now vacant of emotion
Immune to the tears they inspire

It’s a Trap! It’s a Trap!
You do or you die
You do and you die
You want to survive
Suffer through poverty
Follow their rules
They became wealthy from whips at our back
Enjoyed themselves with our babies
And still cut us no slack

“Slave em till we’re rich then release them with nothing. ”
Well… there’s a life hack
Generation after Generation our wealth trickling down
We made the Middle Class
You’re Welcome

Earn your own!
Earn our own?
How many times can a man become a millionaire?
One? Two? Those must be the exceptional few.

Tobacco and Cotton
All we get is scraps
Spoiled rotten.
The black man sacrificed
Then shunned by the society we built.

Prison new slave quarters
Black boy why you still working for free?
Massa is Warden
But your family is free.
Free from the whip
Though still a slave to poverty.

“House nigga do them a favor – kill a couple of your own.
Whip em for Massa”
I’ll whip em good!
Police Cowboys, “Hey let us join in on the fun. ”
Shoot us down like dogs
That’s what they believe us to be

They made us! They Raped Us!
“Be happy you’re free!”
Kings and Queens now beggars and whores.
Thieves and murders…
Better kept in a cage.

But I have to steal!
I have to kill.
I want what you got!
Big house. Warm bed. A white girl to wed.
Massa I’m hungry – Please let me eat!
My children
Their starving
I’ll do whatever you need!
“Well, gone kill us some niggas
Gun em down in the street
Leave his child with no father and his wife with no means.
Dismantle your community
Put some fear in these streets.”

Oh now they are afraid
They probably should be
Because the black man is awake.
You better hope he don’t see.
He gone getcha. He gone getcha.

Look what you done to me!